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 ALTINYALDIZ SPACE FRAME CONSTRUCTIONS INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE LTD. CO is continuing it’s leadership in production of Space Frames in our factory based on a 12.500 m² land with a 10.000 m² closed area with an annual production capacity of 1.000.000 m².

With 6 Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) units, 700.000 pieces of space frame elements are produced with automated methods, annually.
The steel workshop with an annual capacity of 2.800 tones, supports the production capacity of the facility output by producing every types of purlins, posts, steel columns and beams.

Our 5-Axis Vertical Machining CNC Centers with double decked preloading capability  can produce 320.000 pieces of nodes from raw material to finished element within diameters of 60mm-240mm annually.

Our computer controlled facility of surface treatment and phosphating is unique in Turkey with the capabilities of oil removal, dust removal, activation, phosphating, pacification and rinsing. The facility works with 10 baths each with a 7 tones of liquid capacity which cleans and makes the elements resistant to corrosion and prepares the elements inner and outer surface perfect for a paint .

Our Fully computerized electrostatic paint oven, can paint pipes of 3.60 m length by axial rotation automatically with 2 robots each having 4 spray guns.  The oven can also paint purlins and steel constructions up to a length of 7.20m.


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