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Altınyaldız Space Frame in Short

Altınyaldız specializes in long - span, column - free and large volume space frame structures for industrial or architectural applications. Altınyaldız s exclusive space frame system, with it s steel bars and nodes, not only distributes loads more efficiently but also provides an elegant interior that can span up to 100 m in a flat space frame or 300 m in a curved configuration.

Our projects include schools, public buildings, transportation structures, museums, corporate office buildings and beyond. We design, engineer, fabricate, deliver, and install entrance canopies, roof support systems, atrium structures, toll/highway canopies, solar panel support structures, test resolution structures, pergolas and sunshades. Altınyaldız structures are 100% prefabricated, with easy assembled mechanical connections. The connection between tubes are mechanical and efficient and requires no welding. The connector itself is a full-body steel node hub. The tubes are screwed and fastened at their ends to this node element. Our hub connection system is only used for steel and aluminum elements. All the elements are produced either galvanized, painted or of stainless material as per customer needs.

Our structural system offers numerous benefits, including light weight, low foundation cost, cost efficiency, less construction time, error free construction and ease of assembly. Individual pieces are easy to handle and the entire Altınyaldız structure can be assembled quickly with necessary supervision with non-specialized workers, even over operating facilities. Our domes can be designed in different profiles(circular, elliptical, parabolic or a compound of  different curves) in order to comply with required clearances or maximize the covered are of the dome.

Since its establishment, ALTINYALDIZ Space Frame has been the leader in engineering, design, production and installation of steel and aluminum space frames in Turkey. By the project and design support of our partnering company ALTINYALDIZ Architects, Engineers, Consultants Co. established in 1970, we gained a wide range of recognition and success both in Turkey and abroad.

ALTINYALDIZ, which introduced the first prefabricated steel space frame structures and its various applications in Turkey, have pioneered for the space frames to be included in the text books of the civil engineering univercities. With this responsibility feeling, we still continue academic studies, research and development to improve the current systems. Also, it is our firm again which obtained the first and the only patent right concerning the space frame systems, prefabricated system elements from the Ministry of Industry and Technology of The Republic of Turkey.

The company to span 90 meters for the first time in Turkey was ALTINYALDIZ. Presently, our studies for crossing 150 meter spans is underway and the challenge of design and production of domes over 130 meters was our proud success for the first time in Turkey.

At our factory in Şekerpınar, with the highest technology of our sector and with an annual capacity of 1,000,000 sqm, we necessitate the highest standard of materials to be used and therefore, apply tensile and compression tests in every phase of production, to all space frame members (such as tubes, nodes, nuts and cones) and prepare quality certificates starting from the very first raw material assurance stage to the final installation stage.

Starting from the design of space frames, we fully serve our clients in design, production, delivery and installation stages and we consider our customers and Project’s necessities as our primary objective. So, we would be happy to be a part of your construction team and give you any technical advice needed.

If you have any project at hand or in mind in which we can help, we would be glad to assist you.  Please send all respective information such as location of the project, dimensions, support requirements, structure and cladding specifications, local conditions (wind, snow, seismic and any other loads), etc.  Also please forward CAD drawings (if available) even if these are preliminary, so we can provide you with a budgetary quotation, and then we can discuss the representation and final costs. We would be glad to assist you in every stage of your Project.